Before And After Liposuction Pictures

The following gallery contains a number of before and after liposuction pictures from physicians across the United States. When deciding whether or not to pursue a liposuction procedure, it is best to have a realistic perspective of what may be possible: these pictures are meant to represent just such possibilities (before and after your liposuction procedure), but are no guarantee of results. Individual situations and body types vary and it is best to consult with your specific liposuction surgeon. Ask them to view before and after liposuction pictures from their specific practice and discuss with your surgeon whether they feel you can achieve similar results.

The following before and after liposuction pictures have been organized according to body area treated:

Chin and Neck Liposuctions Pictures

Abdominal / Stomach Liposuction Pictures

Arm Liposuction Pictures

Thigh Liposuction Pictures

Chin Liposuction

chin after liposuction picture
Get rid of that double chin or loose 'waddle' area to get the sculpted chin you always wanted.
> Before and After

Neck Liposuction

neck after liposuction picture
Eliminate jowls or other excess neck fat to create a more defined jaw-line.
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Arm Liposuction

arm after liposuction picture
Suck away all that underarm flab in an hour long procedure.
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Abdominal Liposuction

stomach after liposuction picture
Make love handles or that annoying 'pooch' a thing of the past.
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Thigh Liposuction

thigh after liposuction picture
Saddle bags be gone! Find your legs of yesteryear underneath that excess fat.
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